Decision for an auction with secret bidding procedure - 28 November 2012

DECISION № 13.11..26.11..28.11.2012./08.11.2012. to conduct a sealed bid auction in closed session of a committee appointed by Order № 12-000632-1/09.11.2012. Executive Director of the Commission. "National Sport Base" PLC announces procedure for conducting a sealed bid auction in closed session for rent for up to 3 years / three years / against payment of monthly rent, the following sites owned by the company and located within the NSB "Spartac", Sozopol: I. NSB "Spartac", Sozopol, St "Republic" to plot III, in district 87: 1. Storey building, hall type, with an area of 307 square meters, located within the NBS "Spartac", Sozopol, Republic Street "to plot III, in kv.87., At an initial monthly rental price 300 Euro without VAT and need the investments, mainly in the roof. In sealed bid auction site for goreizneseniya eligible entities - individuals - ET or entities weighs Registered under the Trade Act, which under no obligation to "NSB" PLC and disputes of a legal nature, NSB PLC. View of the object can be made every working day from 10.30 am to 16.30 pm, 13.11.12. to 21.11.12. including against invoice purchased tender documents worth 70 / seventy / lev without VAT. Tender documentation is approved by Order № 12-000632-1/12.11.2012. Executive Director. Most - by 17:30 am on 23.11.12. Including, must be submitted lev deposit amounting to 10% of the initial monthly rental price for the item. Tender documentation is purchased and received the frame of "NSB" PLC, address: Sofia, "Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev" № 38, NS "Vasil Levski", section "A" - clerk, and place NSB "Spartac", Sozopol, St "Odessa" 2 every working weekday from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm, 13.11.12. to 20.11.12. including. The deposit is paid to the treasury of the "NSB" PLC or the bank account of the company. Bidders under the Terms, rules and criteria for conducting sealed bid auction for the rental of facilities owned by the "NSB" PLC and ranking participants according to their applications they file an application for participation and proposals in the records of the company or by mail, accompanied by the legal status, documents and other form is required under the terms and conditions, rules and criteria of the tender documents in an opaque envelope not later than 17.30 am on 26.11.2012. including. Submitted envelopes are printed in Room № 3 of 28.11.2012. 10.30 hours in a closed session of the commission appointed by Order № 12-000632-1/09.11.2012. Executive Director. Governor of the NSB "Spartac", Sozopol, where the site is located, subject to the procedure for conducting a sealed bid auction, should allow / provide access for candidates bidders for the last of the light, but only against represented by the same / nominee actors / invoice for the purchased tender documentation. The decision, conditions, rules and criteria for conducting sealed bid auction and the requisite documents are available in the registry of "NSB" PLC, in the building of the National Assembly "Vasil Levski", section "A", "Evlogi and Christo Georgiev "№ 38, Sofia, and place in NSB" Spartac ", Sozopol, St" Odessa "2 every working day from 09.30h. to 17.00. by 13.11.2012. to 20.11.2012. and Internet site of the company - Additional information: Department of "Legal Office" (02) 93 00 767 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: PETER BOZHILOV